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My Portal Teams provides a learning-community space where groups with shared interests and goals can work together or collaborate as teams. A team can be made up of members from across the state with a shared interest, or members from one location (such as a practice site), You can share resources, participate in discussion forums (Exchanges), and upload documents to folders on the team page. Teams provide a space for asynchronous communication and shared resources / records of work. And you can follow up at your own pace!
This guide helps create an action plan for every day geared toward improving or controlling high blood pressure. Category:
This guide is for clinicians features a listing of process improvements that ambulatory clinical settings can implement as they seek optimal hypertension control. 
This resource is a personal action plan for patients that have high blood pressure.
A variety of tools and resources are available for providers and patients who offer or use medication-assisted treatment (MAT) services. As part of this environmental scan, a list of tools has been assembled for use in the implementation of MAT. Although the tools were not all created specifically for rural primary care practices, they are potentially useful in those and other settings. The tools and resources found by this environmental scan are listed and described in the tables that follow. They come from a variety of public and private sources.
The environmental scan demonstrates that, while offering MAT services in rural primary care settings may appear complex, many primary care providers view it as the treatment and "long-term management" of a chronic recurring disorder. Thus, in many ways, it is similar to the treatment they already provide for patients with asthma, diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic health conditions.
Upstream is a national, fast-growing nonprofit working to expand economic opportunity and mobility by reducing unplanned pregnancy in the U.S. We partner with states to provide training and technical assistance to health centers to ensure all women have same-day access to the birth control method of their choice. Our unique approach empowers women to decide when and if they want to become pregnant, improving economic and health outcomes for parents, children, and society.
Living tobacco free saves money and increases positive health outcomes.  To learn more, see the Cigarette Smoking infographic from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The Maternal-Child Mental Health Program is a program in the UW Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences. The site is for healthcare professionals. Providing clinical services, training and workforce development, dissemination and implementation, and research and evaluation.
A free telephone consultation service for health care providers caring for patients with mental health problems who are pregnant, postpartum, or planning pregnancy. Any health care provider in Washington State can call.