Healthcare providers can get trained in the new phase of electronic case reporting here on WA Portal

The state Department of Health's Electronic Case Reporting team is offering the first of a series of online training. Electronic case reporting replaces antiquated manual reporting methods like faxing or mailing paper forms, using digital technology for automating disease reporting.

No registration is needed to take the training - just visit the Electronic Case Reporting page here on WA Portal. You will find both training and resources. Click on “Training” on the left navigation bar to start the first module. This training is for those looking for an introduction to eCR. It is an interactive training module aimed at providing an overview of eCR and how it works. Additional training videos are available for WDRS users.

The soft launch of eCR, in partnership with University of Washington School of Medicine, will focus solely on COVID-19 diagnosis and aims to test and refine the system’s functionality. Subsequent phases will bring on more healthcare facilities. After healthcare facilities are fully onboarded for COVID-19, additional reportable conditions will be incorporated into the eCR system. This transition brings significant advantages to healthcare systems and the broader community, strengthening the overall public health infrastructure.  

If you would like to find out more about eCR, view our website