how to: My Portal guide

What is My Portal?

My Portal provides a secure workspace for communities to come together, collaborating as “Teams” to work on shared goals and interests. You can share documents, open exchanges, add links to important resources, and much more.  Join the community and let us know which topics you'd like to see in our how to:   library below!

Topics are sorted by user role
My Portal users PDF Video
how to:   Create a My Portal account download view on WA Portal
how to:   Manage "My Collection" download  
how to:   Join a Team download view on YouTube
how to:   Create a Team download view on YouTube
Overview of the Healthier Washington Collaboration Portal  |  WA Portal webpage view on YouTube






My Portal Team Managers PDF Video
how to:   Manage Teams (add and delete members) download view on YouTube
Overview of a Team page   view on YouTube
Teams Coordinators-WA Portal Partners PDF Video
Overview of the Teams Coordinator feature    view on YouTube
WA Portal Partners PDF Video
 Overview for hosting a training or large event download view on YouTube

Many features are available only to WA Portal partners

For more information about becoming a partner contact us.