Youth Advisory Council Meetings

2022 Cohort Tentative Schedule

  • December 2021-January 2022: Invitation to Washington to youth ages 13-21 to apply to become a member of the new Youth Advisory Council
  • February 2022: Application review and selection of up to 40 people to join the council
    • Adolescent Health Youth Advisory Council: up to 20 members ages 13-17
    • Young Adult Health Youth Advisory Council: Up to 20 members ages 18-21
  • March 2022: New members are selected and notified
    • Selected applicants are asked to complete all permission forms and watch the DOH Welcome video to confirm membership before the first meeting
  • April 2022- Kick off Meetings
    • April 8, 2022: Kick off Youth Advisory Council meeting where  we will do introductions, orientation to the YAC and DOH, discuss expectations of YAC members and DOH staff, and make decisions about the group structure, meeting facilitation and activities for the year. 
  • June 2022 Meeting 2: Behavioral and mental health care for youth - thoughts, ideas, opinions, recommendations for DOH and providers
  • August 2022 Meeting 3: Youth friendly healthcare services- thoughts, ideas, opinions, recommendations for DOH and providers
  • October 2022 Meeting 4: Well-visits and annual doctor checkups - thoughts, ideas, opinions, recommendations for DOH and providers
  • November 2022 Meeting 5: YAC Choice: Confidentiality and Transition from Pediatric to Adult Care
  • February 2022 Meeting 6: YAC Report, closing and goodbyes to the first generation YAC 
  • Additional and optional activities:
    • Fall 2022: Youth Advisory Council Generation 2 planning: discussion, opinions, thoughts, and advice on recruitment, criteria, meeting frequency, content (additional 2-3 meetings)
    • Monthly activities: Review of public health materials that impact or are geared to young people – feedback/reaction/advice on improvement (no meetings, all done online and on own time)
    • Ongoing: Review survey questions for qualitative data collection on adolescent/young adult perspectives and experiences – feedback/reaction/advice on improvement (one initial meeting, then work is done online and on own time)
    • Ongoing: Participation in other DOH or DOH-partner youth engagement activities

Check back in March 2023 for information about the next cohort!