Resources and Support for Community-Based Workers

We are community-based workers, trained and trusted community-based professionals who work on the frontline with communities and their members. We are care coordinators, peer specialists, recovery coaches, community health workers, promotores de salud; community-based nonprofit staff, human services providers and much more. We work with community members who are confronted by multiple challenges: physical and behavioral health challenges, addiction, difficult social conditions like unemployment, homelessness, lack of education, lack of health insurance and medical provider, etc. We need to know ways to recognize the challenges people are facing, how to provide needed support, and who to refer to when someone needs specific kinds of help.

Here are resources for us. Some are webinars and videos we can use as a refresher on a topic we want to know more about.  Some are designed to share with family, friends, neighbors and clients. Think of them as a friendly social media post. Finally, there are resources for supervisors of community-based workers. We don’t own these resources. They were shared with us. 


Community-Based Workers


Supporting people in crisis with compassion, empathy, & cultural responsiveness 

Apoyando a personas cuando están pasando por una crisis usando compasión, empatía, y respondiendo culturalmente




Skills Training Video: Supporting people in crisis

Video de Habilidades: Apoyar a alguien en crisis




Webinar: Supporting Community-Based Workers in Promoting the Flu Vaccine

Video: CHW Flu Vaccine 

Impacts of COVID-19: Behavioral Trends


Technology Mindset: Segment 1: Intro (Spanish Version)

Technology Mindset: Segment 2: The Ability-Mindset Matrix  (Spanish Version)

Technology Mindset: Segment 3: Matrix Explained (Spanish Version)


Technology Mindset: Segment 4: Learning Technology (Spanish Version)

Technology Mindset: Segment 5: Communicating with Friends & Family (Spanish Version)

Technology Mindset: Segment 6: Connect with your HealthCare Providers (Spanish Version


HIPAA Security Training for CHW's






Community-Based Workers: Caring for Ourselves and Our Community Members


What Makes you Feel Better?

How have you Adjusted your Expectations of Yourself?

Como Maneja sus Expectaciones y Actitud 


Tai Chi with nialla rose - 2 Minute Shake

Tai Chi with nialla rose - Standing Breathing Exercise 

Tai Chi with nialla rose - Body Scan


Tai Chi with nialla rose - Seated Body Scan

Tai Chi with nialla rose - Centering and Self Care

Webinar: Building Resiliency - Taking Care of Yourself and Others


Community-Based Workers Success Stories


Video: WA CareConnect - Yakima Success Stories

Video: WA CareConnect - CPAA Success Stories 




For Supervisors of Community-Based Workers


Webinar: Supportive Supervision Training

Webinar: Leadership in the context of COVID-19 - ADAPT

Webinar: Leadership in the context of COVID-19 - THRIVE


Effective Communication in the Workplace

Workshop: Collective Efficacy & Group Dynamics