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This PDF is intended to help a provider create an action plan for treatment of chronic asthma. A Spanish language version of the PDF is available here.
An Asthma Action Plan for Home and School from the American Lung Association.  
This Student Asthma Action Card collects contact, medication and emergency plan information in one place to improve student safety at school.  
A handy wallet card to aid patients and providers in managing their chronic asthma.
The Preconception Resource Guide is designed to help primary care providers meet their patient’s needs based on the response to this “vital sign” question: “Would you like to become pregnant in the next year?” (The One Key Question Initiative) Her answer will allow you and your colleagues to individualize her primary care to best meet her overall and reproductive health needs.
This resource describes the job description and role of a behavioral health care manager.
Developed to assist behavioral health providers in their practice transformation efforts, this tool consolidates behavioral health-related clinical quality measures endorsed by the National Quality Forum (NQF), a convening of multiple stakeholders in relevant areas responsible for reviewing and recommending healthcare quality measures. Coaches can use this tool as a reference guide as they help providers and practices navigate toward whole-person care.
Building out the Behavioral Health Integration Model Through Training.
Central City Concern shares lessons learned in behavioral healthcare integration at their Old town Clinic in Portland, Oregon.
This short video examines a successful behavioral health strategy utilizing telepsychiatry in Primary Care at the Mid-Valley Clinic in Omak, WA.