Youth Advisory Council Meetings

Youth advisory council graphic with pictures and images of young people and washington animals.

2023-2024 Cohort Tentative Schedule

The Adolescent and Young Adult Health (AYAH) Youth Advisory Council (YAC) meets regularly to discuss problems and issues in adolescent and young adult health care and services, and their ideas and recommendations on solving those problems and improve health care services for youth in Washington.

YAC members can find more information about meetings, meeting notes, resources, and more at DOH AYAH Youth Advisory Council Info Hub

General Council Meetings (topics and tentative schedule)

  • April 2023: Kickoff Meeting
  • June 2023: Mental and Behavioral Health
  • August 2023: Youth with Special Health Care Needs and Disabilities
  • October 2023: Food and Nutrition for Youth
  • November 2023: Reproductive Health
  • January 2024: Immunizations
  • March 2024: Compassionate Care/Bullying in Health Care
  • May 2024: Barriers/Access to Care
  • July 2024: Healthy Relationships
  • September 2024: TBD
  • November 2024: TBD
  • December 2024: Good-byes, transition to new YAC

Subcommittees (tentative topics)

  • May 2023-Sexual and Reproductive Health Care - Clinical care and education
  • Youth Mental and Behavioral Health - Substance use, stigma, and suicide prevention
  • Youth with Disabilities
  • Food and Nutrition for Youth
  • Teen Dating and Health Relationships

Optional activities

  • Consultation on upcoming Adolescent Health Website
  • Consultation on upcoming Youth-Friendly Certification for adolescent health providers
  • Provide review and feedback on DOH materials geared to youth
  • Invitations to other youth engagement opportunities from other state agencies and youth-serving partners