Health Coaching

Health coaching provides support to people with or at high risk for cardiovascular disease. The Guide to Community Preventive Services (The Community Guide) recommends interventions that engage community health workers for health education, and as outreach, enrollment, and information agents to increase self-reported health behaviors (physical activity, healthful eating habits, and smoking cessation) in clients at increased risk for CVD.

What is health coaching? Harvard Health describes it this way: "Just as a sports coach can help an athlete develop and excel at a sport, a health and wellness coach can help anyone excel at living their life, even — or especially — if they have chronic medical conditions...The person who is being coached is in the driver’s seat, creating their goals as well as the strategies on how to arrive at these goals."

We've included a few resources here to support health coaching for cardiovascular disease prevention and management. Interested in more information about health coaching for CVD-related health in Washington State? Email us at and we will consult with you to help connect you with what you need.

Washington WISEWOMAN Health Coaching Guide - coming soon.


Resources from the American Heart Association


Life's Simple 7 - English PDF | English Website | Spanish Website - "Respuestas del Corazón"

How to Measure Your Blood Pressure - English PDF | Spanish PDF | Chinese PDF (Traditional Chinese)

What Can I Do to Improve My Blood Pressure? - English PDF | Spanish PDF | Chinese PDF

Change Your Salty Ways Infographic - English PDF | Spanish PDF

Additional Color Infographics in Spanish - Healthy for Good: Infografías 


Resources from the Washington State Department of Health


Manage Blood Pressure resources are available in English, Spanish, Khmer/Cambodian, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Vietnamese.

Videos to support measuring blood pressure accurately at home are available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic and Tagalog, on Department of Health's Monitor Blood Pressure web page.

Many health coaches are finding Great 8, available in 27 languages, to be a valuable tool for conversations about goal setting and behavior change.

The Department of Health's Heart Disease, Stroke, and Diabetes Prevention Program also offers trainings for community health workers and non-physician healthcare team members. For more information, please email us at